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  • Mariana
    Recently started to use the cream, but the effect is already noticeable. I can say that essay a lot of ways, but the result as such has not received. Micinorm I approached, no problem to use does not occur. All in all I am satisfied, this is why I recommend!
  • Tomás
    I was recovering micinorm about a month with interruptions. Feet messed up in the army shoes, the fungus has lasted about a year. The cream has helped to remove the inflammation and itching between the toes the skin after a week of delivery. But to kill the fungus in the nail took more time. But the effect is striking, the cream kills the smell, the nail grown rose in good health.
  • Ana
    I have the fungus was obtained after a stay at the hotel. It has started to spread. But micinorm turn off the ignition is very fast.
  • Maria
    Worthy of the cream anti-fungal infection, and I know what I'm talking about, tried others, when confronted with this thorny problem. Now, it is already in the past, but I can say that Micinorm me well helped. Initially cleaned just the symptoms, and then the problem completely disappeared. To not come back and I'm happy with this result. Prices adequate, it is possible to buy!
  • Beatriz
    I attend the swimming pool. Apparently, down there and picked up mushrooms. Ran both, but only when the claim has started to itch the feet and the nails have changed. The cream Micinorm recommended that, in establishing a good and familiar conversation. The packaging is practical, with a distributor. Take need a small amount of scrub into the skin to stop and apply on the nails. A bottle for me lasts 2 weeks of use. The unpleasant odor of this unique bio cream removed immediately. At the end of 3 days, the skin on the legs has ceased to peel off and itch. Nail plate grow back the normal color, without damage. For the months, fully recovered.
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